Lutherans Worship

"Lutheran worship puts the focus squarely on Jesus Christ, who is present for us and with us through His Word and Sacraments.Lutheran worship is, therefore,Christ-centered, not man-centered.When we are gathered for worship,we are not contemplating some far-off Christ or meditating on abstract concepts,or pondering various principles for living. Neither are we in church to be amused or entertained.Christ is living and active among us,right where He has promised to be in His Word and Sacraments. Jesus said,'Lo, I am with you always,to the very end of the age'(Matt. 28:20).When He gathers us around His Word and Sacraments, He fulfills this promise to us once again."  (From Lutheran Worship by A. L. Barry)

What to expect in worship services at St. Paul's

Traditional Worship  The order or outline of the worship service comes from a hymnal or book in which various liturgical orders are found.  The church organ provides musical accompaniment to hymns which are also in the hymnal and occasionally special music might be provided by a choir or soloist.   Worship is led by the pastor and the sermon with assistance from lay readers, acolytes, organist and ushers.

Contemporary Worship  The worship service may be outlined in the worship folder or projected on a screen.  Songs led by the Praise Team which includes a keyboard, guitars and drums are also projected for viewing by the congregation.  Sermons are usually the same in all services on a given weekend. 

Advent & Lent Worship  Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of the Savior and services focus on preparation and expectation.  Lent follows Ash Wednesday and extends to Holy Week.  Lenten worship reminds of the need for a Savior from sin, preparing for Good Friday and Easter.

Members of St. Paul's bring their tithes and offerings to worship and visitors are not expected to participate   Worshipers may sit wherever they wish.  There is wheelchair access to the sanctuary by way of a ramp on the south side of the church.  Restrooms are in the basement.  Announcements usually are printed in the worship folder.  Some may be given verbally prior to the beginning of the service.


St. Paul's Worship Schedule

Day Worship Service Time
Saturday Evening Traditional Worship
6:00 pm
Sunday Morning Traditional Worship
8:15 am
Contemporary Worship
10:45 am
Wednesday Daytime Advent & Lent Worship
12:15 pm
Wednesday Evening
6:00 pm
Wednesday Morning School Chapel Worship
8:35 am


Children are welcome at all worship services. You are encouraged to sit toward the front of the sanctuary so that children have a better view and are able to participate. Children may be invited to come forward for a children's message. In addition:

  • Child Care is available in the church basement during both Sunday services for children under 3.
  • Quiet Bags to occupy the children during worship services are available. Please ask an usher for their location.
  • Children’s Offering Envelopes are available on the table in the narthex.
  • Children’s Chapel meets during the sermon in the second service (10:45) in the church basement for children from 3 years old to 2nd grade.
  • Sunday School classes for all ages meet from 9:30 to 10:30 am every Sunday morning. Meet in the church sanctuary for the opening. Classes meet in the church basement.

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

baptism photo“'We see what a great and excellent thing Baptism is,which snatches us from the jaws of the devil and makes God our own,overcomes and takes away sin and daily strengthens the new man.It always remains until we pass from this present misery to eternal glory'( Dr. Martin Luther, Large Catechism).  The meaning, power and promise of Holy Baptism rest entirely on the One who lived perfectly in our place and who suffered and died as the sacrificial ransom for the sins of the world.He rose victorious over death and the grave. In Holy Baptism,we receive all the blessings of Christ’s atoning sacrifice.  Thank God for His gift of Holy Baptism!"  (From Holy Baptism by A. L. Barry)

Holy Baptism is available to both children at adults as practiced by congregations of the LC-MS.  Consult with the pastor for information.


The Sacrament of Holy Communion

communion photo"In this Sacrament our Lord and Savior is continually distributing to us the body and blood of the sacrifice
He made for us, the sacrifice by which He paid for the sins of the entire world. Thus, receiving His body and blood, we receive forgiveness, life and salvation. Flowing from these tremendous treasures of God’s mercy are the love, peace and hope that He gives us in His Supper,and the ability and desire to do God’s will,living in love and harmony with others."  (From The Sacrament of the Altar by A. L. Barry)

The Lord's Supper is offered at St. Paul's on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and on the preceding Saturday evening service.  Since we consider this sacrament to be a sacred celebration, we invite all members of LC-MS congregations to participate.  We ask all others to speak with our pastor before the service.